About 50 Volunteers Search For Missing Shawnee Kangaroo Friday

Friday, December 7th 2012, 6:02 pm
By: News 9

More than 50 volunteers continued the search for a missing kangaroo just a few miles away from her house. The mile-by-mile search focused on the area between just south of Meeker Lake from 1060 Rd. to Hazel Del and Acme to Kickapoo.

By late in the afternoon, the focus shifted to a lone field where one of the volunteers said she spotted the kangaroo hopping around.

GW Exotic Animal Farm put together the search for Lucy Sparkles. The team devised a foot search that covered a big area in hopes someone would spot the kangaroo or spook her towards the perimeters where additional volunteers patrolled.

Shayla Menhusen, Lucy's owner, said she was happy the experts helped out.

"What she sounds like, they know what her tracks look like. They know how to handle her and pick her up," she said.

The kangaroo went missing two weeks ago without a trace but just a few days ago a random hunter caught her on his deer camera hanging in the area the team was searching today.

"I thought, 'this is a kangaroo. It's pretty weird but it's a kangaroo. So I posted it on Facebook and Shayla of course messaged me right back," said JR Campbell.

Campbell knows this land well. It has been his favorite hunting spot for deer. Friday, that area became ground zero in the search for Lucy Sparkles and her owners said they were on the right track.

"My husband just found some tracks north of the property line where she was spotted on the camera," said Menhusen.

Shayla said they would not give up until they found Lucy and said they can still use help.

"If there are any hunters out in the area, we'd like them to check their deer cam, all the way back to thanksgiving and what they're looking for is a kangaroo, they're looking for something small very small and down by the ground. She does not have eye shine. So in your picture on your camera, she's going to lack eye shine."

The search will continue Saturday morning in the same area around 8 o'clock.

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