OK Teachers, Administrators Weigh In On 'Guns In Classrooms' Debate

Wednesday, December 19th 2012, 7:22 pm
By: Karl Torp

As the debate heats up on whether to arm teachers in the classroom, school administrators and teachers are weighing in on the conversation.

"There's are so many things that could go wrong," says local teacher Emmett Brotherton.

"I think putting a loaded gun at a school is a bad idea," says Steven Crawford, Executive Director of the Cooperative Council Oklahoma School Administration.

This week, State Rep. Mark McCullough said he's introduce legislation allowing teachers to arm themselves. The idea, is not a new one.

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In the small town of Harrold Texas, the district 25 school employees are allowed to have a conceal weapon.

"What we know about shooters is they're not going to places that are protected," says Harrold, TX Superintendent David Thweat.

Thweat says since Friday's shooting in Newtown, CT., he's been getting calls from school districts all over the country now exploring the option on arming educators.

OKC School Superintendent Karl Springer is not in favor of arming teachers. Springer says increases funds for more law enforcement at school is a better idea.

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