Road Rage Leads To Beating, Stabbing In SW OKC

Thursday, December 27th 2012, 1:23 pm
By: News 9

Police say a man was stabbed and then arrested after he attacked a driver in the parking lot of a southwest Oklahoma City apartment complex.

On December 21, the victim said he was driving westbound on Interstate 240 when 33-year-old Kawika Kinimaka began driving recklessly and aggressively behind him. The victim said Kinimaka wanted to pass him, but due to traffic congestion the victim could not move over.

The victim said Kinimaka followed him to the Brookwood Village Apartments near S.W. 89th Street and Western, and tried to T-Bone his vehicle as he pulled into the parking lot.

The victim told police he was afraid for his life, so he grabbed a knife with the blade still folded in, and attempted to walk to his apartment. According to the police report, Kinimaka jumped out of his car and began punching the victim in the face. The victim unfolded the knife blade and struck out. He said Kinimaka then backed off and climbed back into his car, although the victim wasn't sure if he stabbed Kinimaka.

The victim called police, who later learned Kinimaka had gone to a nearby hospital with a stab wound. After he was treated and released, Kinimaka was arrested on a complaint of assault and battery.

Paramedics examined the victim at the scene and determined he may have sustained a broken nose, but he refused to be transported to a hospital.