My 2 Cents: Lawyer Exploits Sandy Hook Tragedy

Wednesday, January 2nd 2013, 11:11 pm
By: News 9

It took less than two weeks, 13 days for a greedy attorney to try to cash in on the Sandy Hook School massacre.

The lawyer sought permission to sue the state of Connecticut for $100-million on behalf of an uninjured 6-year-old known in the filing only as Jill Doe. He says his client heard the events, the gunfire, the screaming over the intercom and has suffered emotional and psychological trauma as a result.

I don't doubt that, I'm sure all of the children were horribly traumatized by what they heard and saw, but this guy should be ashamed of himself.

He wasn't, apparently, until others started calling him a bottom-dwelling, blood-sucking, slime ball, among other things, on the internet. And now he has decided to withdraw his lawsuit. I'm sure just until the criticism cools.

I know most lawyers must be cringing at the insensitivity of this guy.

This school had taken extra security measures and heaven knows the teachers weren't neglectful, they were heroic the way they protected the children.

I hope the Connecticut Bar takes a look at this guy and finds some way to punish him for trying to cash in on the misery that happened so recently at Sandy Hook Elementary.