Moore Liquor Store Turns To Social Media To Catch Shoplifters

Tuesday, January 29th 2013, 7:28 pm

A Moore Liquor store is taking crime fighting into its own hands, turning to social media and viral video to catch those who steal from them.

Moore Liquors, known for its clever Marquee now has a message for shoplifters. It reads "If you value fame more than freedom, shoplift here."

"Maybe it's not smart to be a shoplifter in Moore, Oklahoma, and specifically be a shoplifter at Moore Liquors," said owner Bryan Kerr.

This after they caught two shoplifters on surveillance video and promptly plastered their pictures and video all over the Moore Liquor Facebook page and even offered a Moore Liquor t-shirt to the first person who identified them.

Moore liquor has seven surveillance cameras. They decided to check the tape on Saturday night after noticing a big bottle of vodka was missing from the shelf.

"I was looking for that particular bottle being taken off the shelf, in the meantime I accidentally found the other guy stealing the bottle on a different shelf," Kerr said.

His picture went up first and within 19 minutes, Kerr got a message.

"I know who that is, here's his name, here's his girlfriend's name, here's where he works, and here's his Facebook page if you want to confirm what I'm telling you is true."

Kerr says the information matched up even down to the tattoo.

As for who was stealing that original big bottle of vodka, he was also caught clearly on tape putting the $50 bottle of vodka in his pants.

Kerr has a clear picture and is confident his Facebook followers or now News 9 viewers will help him find him, too.

Kerr is not only helping police but also hoping this will serve as a deterrent for anyone who thinks about stealing from him.

Moore police have sent the case of the first shoplifter to the city attorney who will decide if charges will be filed.