Man Shot In Bricktown After Thunder Game Meets Rescuer

Friday, February 1st 2013, 3:50 pm
By: News 9

A man shot in the back after a Thunder playoff game against Los Angeles last year finally met the guy who helped save his life, as he lay on the street without a pulse.

It happened in May 2012 as thousands of fans made their way home from Thunder Alley. Witnesses in the area recall a fight breaking out. Then they say gunshots rang out.  Several innocent bystanders were hit by bullets, including 22-year-old Norman Richards, who was watching the game with a friend.

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"We heard an argument to our right [and] we heard shots ring out and I run; get shot," recalled Richards.

"I look over and this guy's laying (sic) on the ground," said Brandon Hall, a trained EMT who was also at the game. "All these people around and there was (sic) no one essentially helping."

Hall found Richards lying in the middle of the street as thousands of fans ran away from the scene. That was when Hall turned back to help the victim.

"No pulse, no breathing, gunshot wound to the back and started CPR right away," said Hall. "I was willing him back the best I could."

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The bullet hit Richards in the back. It tore through his kidney, liver and heart. The bullet caused serious internal injuries and, at the time, doctors did not think Richards would survive.

"Transferring him over to the O.R. table he lost vital signs. He died for lack of a better term," explained William S. Havron III, M.D.

Despite a bleak outlook after the shooting, Richards made a full recovery.

"The last thing I remember is standing up and that was it. I remember after I stood up, I fell and then after that it was just all blank. And I remember waking up a week later with my family and friends standing around me."

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Richards credits Hall's quick thinking at the scene for giving doctor's the chance to save his life.

"I'm so thankful. God put him at the right place at the right time. It definitely gives you new perspective on life," Richards said.

More than eight months later, Norman Richards had the opportunity to meet and thank Brandon Hall for helping him survive the shooting.