Chickasha Family Devastated After Dog Nearly Killed By Coyote

Monday, February 4th 2013, 5:53 pm
By: Karl Torp

A Chickasha family is devastated after their dog is nearly killed by a coyote.

"It's a miracle he survived," said Bobbie Wallis about her dachshund Charlie. "They had to put him back together from the inside."

The family says just recently, they've heard coyotes howling at night.

"I'm scared to death that a child could be next," says Wallis.

Wildlife experts tell News 9 you can partly blame coyote encounters on our drought.

"If his prey source, his food source is lacking because of a lack of water, he's going to become a little more desperate," said Todd Craighead with the Department of Wildlife Conservation.

Craighead says coyote attacks on humans are extremely rare.

Wildlife experts say there are a lot of coyotes in the metro.

They encourage people to check for holes in their fences and makes sure they aren't leaving pet food outside.