OSBI Officially Opens Investigation Into Carina Saunders' Murder Case

Wednesday, February 6th 2013, 7:24 pm
By: News 9

The OSBI confirms agents officially opened the Carina Saunders' murder case on Wednesday. This as multiple sources tell News 9 the district attorney plans to drop the murder charges against the two suspects due to a lack of evidence.

Prosecutors are not commenting, but that's not uncommon when there is an open investigation.

"OSBI routinely picks up cases that are older cases," said Jessica Brown, the spokesperson for the OSBI.

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Brown says OSBI's new case is 15 months old. Agents took over the investigation into Carina Saunders murder earlier this week. The Bethany Police Chief said the complex case needs a "fresh set of eyes." 

"We will do as much as we can and bring as many forensic people, as well as agents, to look into this case and to look over what has been done. Basically, make a list of things we can do to progress the case," said Brown.

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OSBI agents were also involved at the very beginning, conducting a partial investigation in the field where Saunders' dismembered body was found in a duffle bag.

From there, Bethany Police led the investigation, concluding Jimmy Massey and Luis Ruiz tortured and killed Saunders. In July, Prosecutors charged them both with the murder. Now, News 9 sources say the evidence does not support the allegations.

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The only evidence detailed in court records are statements from witnesses claiming to be at the crime scene and handwritten notes Massey allegedly gave to other inmates that detailed how they dismembered and then disposed of Saunders' body.  

David Massey, the father of Jimmy Massey, questioned the evidence against his son at the time murder charges were filed.

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"[Jimmy] said, ‘Dad, I never wrote any letters…I never did anything like that,'" said David Massey.

Court records show witnesses also claim a video of Carina's Saunders murder exists, but no court records available to the public reveal the actual discovery of a video, a crime scene, or a murder weapon.

Ruiz's defense attorney says they've had serious concerns about the poor investigation. Family members of Carina Saunders are saying they are pleased with all the hard work of the Bethany Police Department.

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