Piedmont Man Talks About Wife Being Stranded On Cruise Ship

Monday, February 11th 2013, 6:05 pm
By: Karl Torp

We are learning more about the conditions aboard a stranded cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico.

Several News 9 viewers have called and emailed to say they have loved ones on board the nearly 900 cruise ship.

The ship left Galveston, TX for Cozumel, Mexico on Thursday with more than 3100 passengers.

The Triumph was scheduled to return to Galveston on Monday. An engine fire left the cruise ship without power and floating aimlessly about 150 miles from Cozumel.

As of Monday afternoon, The triumph was waiting on two tow boats to arrive to take it to Progreso, Mexico. Carnival says it's now trying to coordinate charter flights to take the passengers from Mexico back to Galveston.

"We've got limited information," says Martin Sharp of Piedmont whose wife is now on board the Triumph.

Sharp says passengers aren't allowed in their rooms and have to go to the bathroom in the shower or a bag.

"I've mainly told her to stay together wherever they go on the boat. Go as a foursome and watch out for each other," says Martin about the advice he gave his wife and friends Sunday night by text message.

Because of the lack of power, passengers have been having a hard time getting messages back home. Carnival says nobody on board has been injured.

Sharp says he doesn't expect his wife to get back home until this weekend at the earliest.

"I just hope and pray here. That's all I can do," says Sharp, about his wife's safe return.