OKC Police Seek Suspect, Victim Talks About Fight With Thief

Wednesday, February 13th 2013, 6:52 pm
By: News 9

A brazen burglar breaks into a truck in a convenience store parking lot but the thief does not get away without a little confrontation from the victim. Surveillance cameras at the Oaktree Food and Fuel convenience store located at Santa Fe and Memorial captured the entire incident.

Oklahoma City Police just released the surveillance video of the altercation that happened on Christmas Eve in hopes of catching up with the suspect. The victim, Ed Gochenour, who tried to stop the thief says the whole incident is still fresh on his mind.

"It seems like it takes me a long time to tell the story but in reality it happened pretty fast," he said.

When then the thief swiped Ed Gochenour's cell phone out of his truck he couldn't call for help so he did the next thing that came to mind.

"It's one of those deals you just react I guess," he said.

The surveillance video shows Gochenour sprinting out of the store and jumping into the suspect's vehicle. Gochenour said it all happened so fast.

"I was just able to grab the door before he closed it and came in and got into the car and I probably should have pulled him out," he said.

Despite the confrontation, Gochenour says the suspect did not let up.

"He hit reverse and his eyes were about this big and he wasn't going to take his foot off that gas pedal," he said.

That's when Gochenhour decided to bail from the car.

"I just made sure I tucked my legs," he said, concerned the suspect might run him over. "I'm fortunate, it could have ended a lot of different ways."

While laughing, Gochenour says the thief made off with his cell phone and a bit of his pride.

"You just don't expect it happening to you," Gochenour said. 

If you recognize the man in the surveillance video call crimestoppers at 235-7300.