Your 2 Cents: Clearing The 'Turn Right On Red' Lane

Tuesday, February 19th 2013, 11:29 pm
By: News 9

I caught a lot of flack online for voicing my annoyance with drivers who are going straight but sit in the "right turn on red lane" instead of moving over into an empty left lane. Some called me an impatient jerk..

John agreed with me and was worked up: "..anyone who thinks you are too prone to being agitated is most likely too dumb to realize how despicably inept his or her driving actually is."

JT writes: "I was taught that the right lane is always for those who want or need to go slower.

Be patient Kelly and you might avoid an accident."

Rus says: "..for every person on a schedule (like you and me), there are 24.26 drivers with nowhere to go."

People got really hot about this.. Evangelist Rita really preaching it: "YOU or no one else has the right to tell anyone what lane to drive in. If you are that Anal or Anxious maybe YOU need to hire a driver or ride a bike..."

Tim fired off: "If you are first at an intersection and you are going straight, get your Pinto into the middle lane!"

And one last person was especially annoyed with my original post..she wrote tonight: "I just find it hard to believe that you've never found yourself in the right lane, at a light, wanting to go straight. By the way, I will give anyone who captures you on camera doing that $20!"

Nice, my partner here has put a bounty on my pickup!