OKC Crews Prepping Streets Ahead Of More Winter Weather

Wednesday, February 20th 2013, 5:10 pm
By: News 9

Road conditions have the potential to get dangerous overnight and into the Thursday morning drive.

Salt trucks are working around the clock on snow routes, making it safer for drivers across the metro. Oklahoma City street crews have been busy all day salting city streets, and they'll be working throughout the night.

"We really are expecting [Thursday] morning to be somewhat of a mess with icy conditions, so we're planning on that. Hopefully it won't happen, but we're ready if it does," OKC spokesperson Kristy Yeager said.

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Those round-the-clock operations started at midnight with bridges and overpasses, ahead of the snow and sleet that hit the metro Wednesday morning. Another crew made their rounds at the salt barn around noon, where more than 9,000 tons of salt are ready to go.

News 9 caught up with a truck prepping southwest 44th near MacArthur. For now, the city is keeping a dozen trucks moving along these snow routes ahead of the next round of winter weather.

"We're concerned about Thursday morning and Friday morning at this point. We think the weather is going to warm up enough during the day that we don't see those icy conditions, but the mornings are going to present a problem, we expect," Yeager said.

As the road conditions get more dangerous overnight, city leaders are asking drivers to allow plenty of time to get to work. Also, be sure to have your cell phone with you when you head out the door.

Crews with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation are also out keeping our highways clear around the state.

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