Earthquakes Rattle OKC Metro, Cause Some Damage

Wednesday, February 27th 2013, 9:04 pm
By: News 9

Two earthquakes rattled nerves in the metro and caused damage to some homes in the southeast suburbs.  

The first hit Choctaw Wednesday morning. The second was recorded as a 4.0 magnitude earthquake centered in Nicoma Park Wednesday afternoon.

In November 2011, the largest earthquake in Oklahoma history shook Sooner soil just as News 9's Ed Murray was beginning to report the news. It was a 5.6 magnitude earthquake. The damage then was much more significant than what Oklahomans experienced Wednesday.

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"My animals all took off in different directions," Midwest City resident Michelle Davis said. "I really thought somebody was coming through the back wall."

Davis says there's no damage at her Midwest City home, but just across the street, Melissa Haynie showed News 9 cracks in her walls and paint. Pictures sent in from viewers showed similar damage to other homes in the area.

"This house isn't really that old, and it's pretty sturdy … so it kind of surprises me that it got cracks," Haynie said.

Moments before the second earthquake, Haynie says her dogs were scared and whining. She believes they were sensing what was to come.

"My dogs started barking and my cats went and ran behind the furniture [when the second earthquake hit]," Haynie said.

No injuries were reported following the earthquakes. Residents say the shaking lasted less than 5 seconds following the Nicoma Park earthquake.