Fallen Minco Soldier's Companion K-9 Returned To Family

Tuesday, March 5th 2013, 9:04 pm
By: News 9

After a two-year battle, the City of Minco finally returns a fallen soldier's K-9 companion to her family.

The family of Sgt. Mycal Prince was without Bayca shortly after her master died in Afghanistan in 2011. When the city announced the auction of the family's beloved dog last month, there was legitimate fear that Bayca may not have ever returned. But, it turns out nothing could stop this homecoming.

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"My girls have been in hog heaven," mom Surana Prince said.

Bayca was returned to Surana one month after Minco caught flack for announcing it would put Bayca up for auction. The mayor says it was the city's only legal attempt to get the dog back to her family.

When Minco police Sgt. Mycal Prince died in Afghanistan serving our country, Bayca was returned to the city. After all, she was government property. But, to the Prince family, she was so much more.

"I think [Bayca has] actually looked for [Mycal] a few times … thinking, since she's here with us, then he's going to be here too," Surana said.

Without a man in the house, Surana calls Bayca the family protector -- a role Bayca assumed shortly after her homecoming when she realized her best buddy would not be coming home.

"[Bayca] kind of cried a little bit last night," said Surana. "After a while, she got up in bed with me and she laid down."

Surana received overwhelming support after previous stories of the ordeal aired on News 9. Donations poured in allowing Surana to secure the one-and-only winning bid of $1,000. Surana says Bayca was worth every cent.

Two of Minco's elected board members voted against returning Bayca to the family but did not tell the family what prompted them to cast descending votes.