Man Accused Of Being 'Peeping Tom' At NW OKC Neighborhood

Monday, March 11th 2013, 6:59 pm
By: News 9

Police don't know if the man pictured in this story was peeking into his neighbors' windows for the thrill of it, or to case the place for a future break-in.

Regardless, one of his neighbors caught him looking into his windows. He then grabbed his gun, and called 911 for help. And other neighbors are stunned!

Jennifer Meyer was stunned when we showed her the police report about the peeping Tom incident next to her home.

Police arrested 37-year-old Jeffrey Tucker, after a neighbor says he caught him looking into his windows late Friday night. It happened in the 6400 block of Masons Drive in northwest OKC Near MacArthur and N.W. 133rd Street.

"I'm certainly glad that they caught the person," said Meyer. "I think it serves as a reminder to all women that you need to be alert!"

The report states Tucker was seen walking through the back part of the condos dressed in a black sweatshirt and stocking cap stealing a glance into the back windows.

Police were able to track down Tucker to his condo just a couple of doors down. Not only that, they found evidence he'd been prowling around.

The police report states police found a pair of socks partially covered in grass and dirt at Tucker's condo. Jennifer says that's enough to make her want to keep her blinds closed from now on.

Knowing that Tucker is out of jail does not sit well with some neighbors, but she has this to say if he's watching.

"If he'd like to say anything to the neighbors, I'd certainly like to see an apology issued," said Meyer. "And I would love it if he moved!"

We did try to contact Tucker at both his home and on his cell, but he did not return our calls. But the police report does state Tucker handed over his cell phone as proof that he was innocent, claiming he was texting a friend at the time of the incident.