Your 2 Cents: White House Tours Canceled

Monday, March 18th 2013, 11:16 pm
By: News 9

The Administration has canceled the tours of the White House saying the sequestration cuts Congress has failed to avert means they can't pay for tour security. I say it's just a power play and the school kids being turned away from the White House deserve better.

Emma from Fitzhugh disagrees and writes: "I have a concern when FBI employees and Border Patrol officers are being furloughed without pay and White House tours would be continued."

Georgia says: "If Obama would give up his travel and vacations and his spending, it would save a lot.

Donna from Okeene with a similar thought: "If Mrs. Obama gave up at least one of her fancy trips - funds would be available. She's not royalty.."

Calvin from Noble says who cares: "When people are worried about being able to pay their bills and eating, do you think someone else being able to tour the White House is going to mean much?"

Mike from Davis writes: "..the president states that he is the president for all Americans.

If so, why keep challenging the other side with "in your face' tactics?"

And finally, Willow says: "I find it amazing that they can FIND money to send to other countries, and at the same time deprive the AMERICAN people of a tour of the White House.."