Jesse Jackson Leads Rally In OKC For Man Who Died In Police Custody

Tuesday, March 19th 2013, 6:50 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

The case of Robin Howard has now attracted the attention of the Rev. Jesse Jackson. Jackson led a protest march from the Oklahoma City police station to city hall Tuesday afternoon.

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"We seek simple justice," said Rev. Jackson. "A man died while in police custody and nine months later we can not get the report to the family on what happened."

The crowd of about 50 people then gathered on the steps of city hall for a rally.

Last summer, police say Howard ran when officers tried to pull him over. Howard's family says an officer broke one of Howard's ribs trying to restrain him and Howard later died when that broken rib punctured his lung.

"We do feel that an injustice was done do our brother and we do seek justice and we won't stop until we get it," said one of Howard's family members during the rally.

Family members say they still haven't received any information into the police investigation into Howard's death. Police and the district attorney cleared the officers of any wrongdoing. And the police union say officers used approved techniques to restrain Howard.

"It's a situation where he brought this on himself by not heeding the warnings by officers in the beginning," said second vice president of the Fraternal Order of Police Dale Scruggs.

But Howard supporters say they need more answers then that and are demanding the police chief release all documents regarding their investigation. In addition they want the Officer who inured Howard be taken off the street until this has been cleared up.

"He was an unarmed man in police custody. goes into police custody alive,comes out dead," Jackson told supporters.

Representatives NAACP and the ACLU were also at the rally adding their support to Howard's cause. Jesse Jackson is calling for a congressional hearing into the death and the Howard family is considering a lawsuit.