MWC Police Chief Encourages Residents To Use 911

Wednesday, March 20th 2013, 5:59 pm

After a recent spike in home burglaries, the Midwest City Police Chief is sending out a plea.

Chief Brandon Clabes wants residents to know it’s OK to call 911, even if it’s not an emergency, but you notice something suspicious in your neighborhood.

When thieves broke into the Wallace home in late February, they stole a television, laptops, even took the food from their pantry and ripped the washing machine from the wall.

“They just pulled it out and when they did they just took the pipes, everything, water was spewing,” said Oran Wallace.

Wallace says the thieves loaded it all up into a pickup truck that they had backed into his garage and then shut the door; All along a lawn crew was working just a few houses down the street.

“They told the police officer they were a bit suspicious, but not suspicious enough to call police,” said Wallace.

“We’re actually having eye witnesses see the crime in progress but fail to call 911,” said Clabes.

And that is why Clabes is asking for the public's help and encouraging residents to not be afraid to use their 911 operators to report suspicious activity.

“With technology the way it’s changed, usually everyone has a cell phone that they can call almost immediately, so that’s what we’re encouraging,” said Clabes.

Wallace says looking back he probably wouldn't have called police either. But he will now. Clabes also says if there are solicitors in the area they are required to have a permit issued by the city. If they do not have a permit, call 911.

Midwest City currently has 35 neighborhood associations and neighborhood watch programs throughout the city. To join one of these groups call (405) 739-1005.

Clabes notified residents of the recent spike in burglaries through Global Connect.

Learn more about the system and sign up for it here.