Booming Ammo Demand Triggers New Market For Bullets In Oklahoma

Monday, April 1st 2013, 9:58 pm
By: News 9

A booming demand for ammunition across the country is forcing gun lovers in Oklahoma to find new ways unload. A limited supply of bullets is creating a market for buying and re-selling ammunition with at least one Oklahoma City business.

On Tuesday, Oklahoma Coin and Gold at N.W. 39th and Pennsylvania will be much more than a place to buy rare coins and jewelry. Behind the walls of the corner shop is a stockpile of ammunition ready to hit the streets. The bullets are a commodity that store owner Chelsey Davis plans to treat just like gold.

"I've had thousands and thousands of rounds coming in almost on a daily basis," Davis said.

Davis tells News 9 he thought of the idea to buy and sell ammunition shortly after President Obama won re-election. At that time, stores began selling out of bullets and manufacturers couldn't keep up with the demand. Today, the situation hasn't changed much. Stores throughout the Oklahoma City metropolitan area have been low on ammunition for weeks.

"You ask [store employees] when [bullets] come in, and they say they don't even know," Oklahoma City gun owners Kenny Cox said. "They … say get [to the store] early in the morning."

Davis first shared his business idea with News 9 in February when he was buying bullets. Now, he's ready to sell. Since the big-box stores can't keep up with the demand, Davis expects to have a lot of business, especially since there's no direct competition.

"I have not been tailgated yet, but I do expect it," Davis said.

Davis says pricing will fluctuate on ammunition at Oklahoma Coin and Gold, especially on bullets that are currently hard to find. Davis will start selling ammunition Tuesday morning. There is no limit on how much a person is allowed to purchase.