Arizona Fugitive Arrested After Living Under Fake Identity In OKC For 10 Years

Tuesday, April 2nd 2013, 5:44 pm
By: News 9

A fugitive from Arizona has been living under a fake identity here in Oklahoma City for the past ten years.

The fugitive has been going by the name of Kenneth Watson for a decade. He even had the nerve to tell his neighbors he was a retired cop!

But the FBI caught onto him, and peeled back his disguise.

For the past year, a man going by the name of Kenneth Watson lived in this home in 2300 block of N.E. 23rd Street. He lived with his girlfriend, telling neighbors he was a yard man and had retired from the police force.

But investigators say his real name is actually Jerry Hearn, a wanted fugitive out of Arizona.

We're told he assumed the identity of Kenneth Watson, an actual person who moved away from Oklahoma in 2003.

"I actually thought they were some weird people that lived next door to us, they didn't talk," Hearn's neighbor said.

Hearn's neighbor doesn't want to reveal her identity. She says she always thought something was odd about the couple living next door.

"He just kind of stayed to himself, so I never knew actually what his name was or her name or anything," said the neighbor. "They just stayed in the house all the time."

About a month ago, the FBI got a tip about where Hearn was living. And on Monday, FBI agents and city police arrested Hearn at his home.

Authorities in Arizona want him for several crimes. The charges include the robberies of a bank, two restaurants, and a convenience store, between June and August of 2003.

It's a surprising "second life" even to a suspicious neighbor.

"I guess that's a good thing that he did stay to himself," said Hearn's neighbor. "If there was a reward I would've turned him in."

Hearn sits in the Oklahoma County Jail Tuesday night.

He'll be extradited to Arizona to face charges for armed robbery and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon