Drug Agents Shut Down Major Meth Pipeline In The Metro

Wednesday, April 3rd 2013, 6:57 pm
By: News 9

Just after dawn Wednesday morning, drug agents swooped into an unlikely neighborhood to take down a meth operation tied to a Mexican drug cartel.

These people were running a lot of meth out of a peaceful looking location.

Much of it was happening in northwest Oklahoma City, especially around N.W. 23rd Street and Drexel, near a Baptist church and lots of businesses and homes.

For eight months, investigators have been working to shut down a major meth pipeline across central Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics says the key players in the drug network were importing about 25 pounds of crystal meth from Mexico every week.

At about $10,000 a pound, the local dealers were turning a big profit.

"The addict is looking for just a quarter paper of methamphetamine, which is very, very small, about the size of the end of your fingernail, and you compare that small of a quantity for someone on the street versus this, it's pretty compelling," OBN Director Darrell Weaver said.

The ring is operating out of a home at N.W. 23rd and Drexel. Montessa Mares works next door.

"We had our suspicions of it because of the traffic that has been coming through our parking lot, and I'm really relieved that has been cleaned up now," Mares said,

The network stretched into six communities, and more than a dozen key players are now behind bars.

"I'm happy that they cleaned out, they're taking out the drugs and stuff and making it a better community," Mares said.

In the sweep Wednesday, officers seized more than 15 pounds of meth and a number illegal firearms.

More than 20 people now face multiple charges, including drug trafficking.

The Department of Homeland Security is working to find the supplier who's still at large in Mexico.