Norman Couple On Edge After Being Hit By Brazen Burglars

Friday, April 12th 2013, 11:02 pm
By: News 9

A couple comes home after a movie on Easter Sunday to find their home broken into and several things stolen. Then the next morning, their truck goes missing. A week later, it's recovered, but was involved in a shootout.

At least one of the two suspects has a lengthy criminal history and both remain in the Cleveland County Jail. Meanwhile, the couple is just hoping they don't post bond anytime soon.

"The house just has a different feel to it. You know, before it was just a safe haven, and when we're here, we've never worried about anything."  

But now, the couple says they're looking over their shoulders more than normal. Neither is comfortable revealing their identities at this point in fear of their safety.

"They've robbed people around us. They've assaulted people close by where we live. They've been arrested and convicted for that."

On Easter Sunday, the two came home and realized jewelry, personal memorabilia, and a set of keys to a company truck were missing.

"They had enough gall to come back while we're home, and just drive off with my truck. That's when we started to really get edgy, because we know that they're pretty brazen now. The following Saturday, [police] contacted us and told us that they recovered his truck, but that it had been involved in a shooting."

Prosecutors have charged Justin Campbell and Brent Abner with one count of possession of a stolen vehicle. Cleveland County court documents reveal the two were involved in a shootout in Noble in the victim's truck. The truck, stolen from the couple's home the morning after Easter is riddled with bullets.  

"You feel stupid. You feel gullible. You're angry. You're violated. I mean, it's really hard to explain."

According to court documents, the shootout started when the two suspects were trying to get a cell phone from a house in Noble. The homeowner didn't want them on his property and he and Justin Campbell exchanged gunfire as he was driving off in the victim's truck. 

Justin Campbell is also charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.