OSBI Agents Search For Clues In 20-Year-Old Cold Case

Monday, April 15th 2013, 7:20 pm

OSBI agents are digging in a rural field near Jennings, looking for clues in a 20-year-old cold case.

Agents began digging Monday in the case Wendy Camp, her daughter Cynthia Britto and friend Lisa Renay Kregar. At the time of their disappearance investigators said the three seemed to simply vanish without a trace.

Foul play was suspected, but no one ever arrested.

In May of 1992 Camp, her 6-year-old daughter Cynthia Britto and friend Lisa Kregar were visiting Wendy's son in Shamrock, OK. Wendy was fighting her ex-in-laws for custody.

She had Multiple Scoliosis, so her ex-mother-in-law, Beverly Noe was driving them back home to Oklahoma City when she says they got into a fight and she left the three at a Wal-Mart in Chandler.

Law enforcement would search for weeks. The case would over the years attract national and international attention but the three were never found.

"Just to know what happened, no matter how horrific it is, we want to know what happened," said Aisha Hashmi, Camp's sister during a 2006 interview.

In an interview with News 9 on the 15 year anniversary of their disappearance, Jackie Taylor, Camp's mother, pointed the finger at Noe.

"I absolutely know without a shadow of a doubt in my in my heart they were all murdered that night," Taylor said.

Monday, Agents with the OSBI, Oklahoma Medical Examiner's office and several other law enforcement agencies began meticulously digging on property near Jennings.

"We are in an area looking for anything that might pertain to the three missing people in this case, any artifacts, anything that we can find that could put them in that location at least at some point in time," said Jessica Brown, OSBI spokesperson.

Brown won't comment on who owns the property, or what led agents there.

"We are hopeful, but it's just another lead we are running on right now," Brown said.

Brown says so far they have not found anything at the site.