OKC Boy, 7, Dials 911 To Save Mom

Friday, April 19th 2013, 11:25 pm
By: News 9

A 7-year old boy calls 911 for the first time after his mother goes into an epileptic seizure. The second grader says he's never seen his mother have a seizure until earlier this week.

Caiden Rollins took his mother's cell phone and dialed 911 when he saw her go into the seizure on their living room floor. Caiden amazingly stayed very calm during that call.

Operator: "This is EMSA, What's the address to your emergency?"

Caiden: "1124 St…."

"I don't remember much in between getting out of the shower and then waking up on the floor right here," said Caiden's mother, Jeska Isbell.

Isbell says she wasn't feeling well Monday evening and decided she was going to head to bed early. She started having seizures at least once a month two years ago.

"Normally, every single one I've had, except for two, I've been asleep, and so I wake up from them," said Isbell.

But this seizure was at four in the afternoon, and for the first time Caiden watched it happen.

"She just laid on the ground, and I saw her having a seizure, so I called 911," said Caiden.

Operator: "Okay, the ambulance is coming, I need you to tell me exactly what happened."

Caiden: "My mom wasn't feeling good, and we were just going to the hospital, but then she just had a seizure."

Rollins didn't wasn't any time dialing 911 when his mother began to shake uncontrollably as he was watching television.

Operator: "Is she awake?"

Caiden: "Yes."

Operator: "Is she breathing?"

Ciaden: "Yes."

"I was scared. I was afraid that she was hurt. She was shaking and wiggling," said Caiden.

"I try and shelter him from as much as I can, and the fact that he had to not only see it, but take care of it, that really kind of breaks my heart," said Isbell. "But at least he knew what to do."

Caiden was praised by paramedics and firefighters when they arrived to his home Monday. They let him ride to the hospital in the front seat of the ambulance. He also had just recently memorized his home address.