Boston Runners To Join Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon

Monday, April 22nd 2013, 11:04 pm
By: News 9

In support of those Boston runners who weren't able to finish the race, the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon has opened its doors to allow them to cross the finish line here.

The race kicks off Sunday with more than 24,000 runners.

The Memorial Marathon is normally a very emotional run in honor of those who died in the Oklahoma City Bombings. And this year will be no different, except half a dozen Boston Marathoners will the join the race.

Andrew Longoria of Medway, Massachusetts, says he was just a few hundred yards away from the Boston Marathon finish line when two bombs went off killing three people and injuring more than 170.

Longoria, along with half a dozen other Boston Marathoners across the country, who didn't finish the race are traveling hundreds of miles to run their full 26 miles in Oklahoma City for the annual Memorial Marathon.

The race is free for the Boston runners, and Longoria says he'll be running for all those who couldn't finish.

Security is stepped up for the run on Sunday. Organizers say they will still observe 168 seconds of silence for the Oklahoma City Bombing victims and then will also pause for the 3 lives lost in Boston bombing.

Organizers are calling on the Marathon runners to wear red socks in honor of Boston, in addition to wearing green shoe laces in honor of Oklahoma City.