My 2 Cents: Did This Officer Use Excessive Force?

Tuesday, April 30th 2013, 11:27 pm
By: News 9

I was taken aback today when I first saw that video of a confrontation between two Oklahoma City police officers and 3 people involved in a disturbance in Northwest Oklahoma City.

What is remarkable to me is that one of the people involved shot the video on their cell phone, and then they showed it to us as proof that the officers used excessive force.

The officers were called by rental furniture workers who arrived at an apartment to retrieve their furniture, and were told no, one of the officers stepped in when the apartment door opened and that set off this scene.

The men inside get upset that the officer has entered the apartment, and that quickly escalates into a shouting and shoving match, it goes on for minutes and appears to be right on the edge of spinning out of control.

Finally one of the officers uses his pepper spray to get control of the two men.

From what I've seen from the arrested subjects own video the officers shouldn't be disciplined. They should be commended for the restraint they showed in a confrontation with two very angry and threatening men and an angry woman.

I don't know if the officers were right or wrong for entering the apartment, but the people inside should have respected their authority first and filed a complaint later.