Court Records Reveal More Details In Violent Death Of Norman Toddler

Thursday, May 2nd 2013, 5:49 pm
By: News 9

Kiyla Hosler lived only 23 months of her little life before she died a violent death.

Court records filed in Cleveland County show Kiyla suffered from a head injury, on April 11, while in the care of her mother's boyfriend, Jeremy Howard.

Investigators say Howard admitted that he had thrown Kiyla into the air, struck her in the back of the head with his steel-toed boot, then threw her, face down, into the corner of the living room couch inside an apartment in Norman.

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Howard allegedly left the child alone for 30 minutes. The reports show he admitted when he found Kiyla in distress he tried to revive her by pouring water in her mouth, then called her mother, and eventually called 911. Prosecutors have since charged Howard with murder.

"We are now working with Norman Police to see if other people are criminally liable for the child's death," said Cleveland County District Attorney, Greg Mashburn.

Court records indicate at the time of Kiyla's death she had a month-old injury; a broken leg in a cast. Investigators also said Howard gave conflicting stories for how the child was injured. So, News9 submitted a request to the Department of Human Services to determine if there was any previous involvement with child welfare. 

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State law allows DHS to release confidential child welfare information if a child dies and criminal charges are filed against a caretaker. Reports show Howard was the sole caretaker for Kiyla when she received her injuries.

DHS is working to fulfill our request. We will let you know what we find out. We also found court records that reveal Kiyla's mother has since filed a victim's protective order against Howard for her and her older daughter. Howard is due back in court on May 7.