Parents Outraged At PC School's Response To Alleged Inappropriate Behavior

Friday, May 3rd 2013, 6:01 pm
By: News 9

Disturbing allegations are coming out of Arbor Grove Elementary School, after a kindergarten student told authorities a classmate had performed inappropriate acts on him while in the bathroom.

The victim's parents said it happened during a mid-day recess, when their son was in the bathroom.

According to a Putnam City Schools Campus Police report, the 5-year-old victim was going to the bathroom when another boy, "went under the door" and "kissed him on the butt twice", then performed oral sex on him.

"A third-grader had looked up over the retaining wall, heard all the commotion and hollered at him and said, 'Hey you need to tell the teacher that's going on but come on let's go to the office right now.' And my son said, 'Ok.' So the third-grader took him down, held his hand and took him down straight to the office," explained the victim's father, who wanted to protect his son's identity.

He said it took hours for the school to notify him and his wife about the incident.

"I am enraged about that. Enraged, I mean you should have been on point and on your best game immediately. 'Look I need you here, I need you now.'"

Putnam City Schools released this statement:

"Earlier this week a kindergarten student at Arbor Grove Elementary school twice engaged in inappropriate behavior in a school restroom. The behavior was thoroughly investigated by school administrators, and administrators spoke to parents of all children involved on the phone and in person."

"At a parent's request, the matter was also investigated by Putnam City Campus Police. This is a delicate situation, and one that for the good of the children should be private within families rather than being the focus of public discussion."

"Children involved in these incidents should not be labeled nor should these incidents come to define them. They are 5 years old, and what they need is help. All families involved have been offered counseling and resources."

The victim's parents also said they contacted DHS Child Services today to make sure the boy who did the acts gets help.

"There has to be something going on," said the victim's father. "He just walks up and starts doing it and he's comfortable with it, that's more than likely the direct thing that's happening to him."

Now this dad now worries his son might be traumatized by the assault.

"What if this is a problem that goes on until he's fifty?"

The police report also shows there was another 5-year-old victim involved. According to that report, charges will likely not be filed against the child because of his age.

DHS told News 9 when they are made aware of these types of allegations, they investigate by interviewing the child and the parents of the child. A spokeswoman with DHS said a pediatric specialist would have to determine why the child acts out in a certain way.