Audio From 911 Bomb Threat Call To OK Capitol Released

Friday, May 3rd 2013, 6:32 pm
By: News 9

For the first time since a mass evacuation at the state capitol in February we get to hear the bomb threat that led to all of the chaos.

Only on 9, reporter Lisa Monahan has a copy of the 911 call made by an Oklahoma City couple allegedly looking for revenge

Initial reports indicated the bomb threat was actually one couple's plot for revenge. Now, a 911 call reveals how the suspects impersonated an innocent woman.

Prosecutors suggest Whittni Butts called  911 pretending to be another woman -  it's a scheme Butts says her boyfriend Eric Thompson put her up to, in order to "get even" with his ex-girlfriend.

Both are now charged with calling in a bomb threat against the Governor's Mansion and conspiracy to commit the crime. The calls led to a mass evacuation at the State Capitol.

In February, more than 1000 people, including 500 school children and governor were cleared from the building to check for bombs. While impersonating Thomspon's ex-girlfriend, Whittni Butts threatened to bomb the ex- girlfriend's place of employment, but apparently stumbled during the hoax.

Butts hung up and the two allegedly waited for police to arrive to arrest the ex-girlfriend. The only two arrested were Butts and Thompson.

A judge listened to the state's evidence against them during a preliminary hearing on Friday morning and ordered both to stand trial for the crimes. 

Butts waived her preliminary hearing and has a plea deal with the state in exchange for her testimony in the case against Thompson.