Your 2 Cents: Oklahoma Uninsured Motorists

Monday, May 6th 2013, 10:54 pm
By: News 9

Come November when police catch an Oklahoma motorist driving without insurance, they'll take his license plate off right there on the side of the road, slap a yellow sticker in its place and he'll have 10 days to get insurance.

I say it's a good step against the epidemic of uninsured motorists:

Leonard doesn't really like it but says: "I guess a good thing may be, with a yellow tag, you would know who to stay away from on the road."

Lyndal from Chandler: "It is about time. Now let us see if it will lower the cost of insurance."

Raymond says: "What they should do is take their car until they can prove they have insurance.."

David from Blanchard: "..people should have car insurance but it shouldn't be mandatory. If a person rear ends you and doesn't have insurance either call the police .. or get the other drivers tag info and take them to a small claims court."

Patrick from Midwest City writes: "..I have seen many different ways to handle drivers without insurance. None of them made it this public however, it shows a level of creativity.."

Finally, Dallas says: "Tow their car on the spot.. ..Once again those that abide by the law pay for those that do not."