Clean Up Of I-40 Graffiti In OKC Hits A Snag

Wednesday, May 8th 2013, 6:03 pm
By: Karl Torp

The clean up of some graffiti on the new Interstate 40 crosstown is taking longer than expected and it's making some residents mad.

"I get frustrated every time I drive by it," says Bill Stewart, who's been complaining about the graffiti to the city for months.

The graffiti can be spotted from the westbound lanes of I-40 near Western. Stewart's complaint was eventually passed to the Oklahoma Department of Transportation where it stalled.

"This is one of the peculiar times and peculiar locations," says ODOT Spokeswoman Terri Angier.

Angier tells News 9 the graffiti has sparked talks on who should be responsible for the cleanup. ODOT says it will eventually hand off maintenance responsibilities on certain parts of I-40 the city of OKC.

"You could look at the agreement both ways and say it should have already been the city's responsibility. We just haven't had those discussions," says Angier.

Because there haven't been talks with OKC, ODOT says it will clean up the graffiti.

The graffiti is right next to some railroad tracks and ODOT first has to get permission from the railroad company to go down on the property and clean the graffiti up.

ODOT says it could be several more days or another week before permission is granted.

ODOT and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol reminds everyone that if you see Graffiti on state roads, please call to report it at *55 on your phone.