Police Release Sketch Of Warr Acres Throat Slash Assailant

Saturday, May 11th 2013, 11:05 pm
By: News 9

Police need your help tracking down a guy who slashed a man's throat because of possible road rage.

Warr Acres Police now have a sketch of the suspect. George Pierson says he's still in a great deal of pain after a knife left a deep cut in his throat, and now, he wants the man who attacked him caught.

"He just went like this and hooked straight with a knife in his finger as he pulled it out," Pierson says.

A gaping scar on his neck is what Pierson walked away with Friday morning on what he'd thought would be a quick trip to the grocery store. He dropped his wife off at the door of Buy for Less when a man on motorcycle swerved around his car yelling that Pierson cut in front of him on Northwest 36th Street.

"He knew what he was doing as soon as he got off his bike, he was going for his pocket, no fight in him whatsoever," he said. "Just some guy just roided with rage trying to impress some girl on the back of his bike, and I shouldn't have got out the car."

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But he did and the biker slashed Pierson's throat, then sped off with a blonde-haired woman riding on the back. Pierson ran in the store to get his wife.

"I saw the blood on the shirt and realized ok wow, he's cut, next thing I know we call 911 and I'm freaking out," says his wife Amy Pierson.

"I can't describe it. I'm just kind of flabbergasted. I don't understand what the guy was thinking. Why he would do that to a total stranger? Just no conscience."

Pierson told Warr Acres Police his attacker looked like a thin man in his 20s wearing a dark bandana, riding a black custom-built bike with a burnt orange fuel tank.

Pierson was released from the hospital Friday afternoon. The wound cut into one of his arteries that he had to have burned shut before getting stitches.

"I'm extremely lucky he didn't get the jugular," he says. "I'm extremely lucky the knife was small."

Police say there was no surveillance video or any witnesses at the scene. If you recognize the suspect, call Warr Acres Police at 789-0282