Road Rage Throat Slasher Believed To Have Multiple Victims

Monday, May 13th 2013, 9:59 pm
By: News 9

Police in Warr Acres say tips are flowing in after broadcasters aired a sketch of a man accused of slashing another man's throat during a traffic dispute.

Now, people from across the metro are coming forward saying they too have been victims. Police say they have heard from multiple people, many of whom are describing the same suspect and similar situations.

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"[If it was] any further down, he would have got my jugular," latest known victim George Pierson said.

Warr Acres police officers are looking for Pierson's attacker, who drives a red and black motorcycle. Pierson says his attacker is bent on terrorizing drivers.

"It's all his misconstrued perception of what's really going on," Pierson said.

Previous victim Jeremy Miner agrees.

"Either it's a really good coincidence, or it's the same guy," Miner said.

Miner says the suspect cornered him on an exit ramp at I-40 and Sooner Road. He says he tried to reason with the man, but when that didn't work, Miner started to leave.

"I'm going to get in my van, and he pushes me from behind into my van," Miner said. "I turned around and let him have one."

One week later, police were called to N.W. 36th and MacArthur where a stream of blood was coming from an artery in Pierson's neck.

"He probably got upset that he got laid out the first time, so he probably pulled the blade this time so it wouldn't happen again," Miner said.

Both Pierson and Miner say they never cut the suspect off. They believe their attacker was trying to impress his girlfriend, who can be seen riding on the back of his bike. They also have a message for News 9 viewers: If you're involved in road rage, don't get out of your car.

If you recognize the suspect, call the Warr Acres Police Department at (405)-789-0282.