OSBI Agents Testify In Murder Trial Against Becky Bryan

Tuesday, May 14th 2013, 8:33 pm
By: News 9

State investigators admit that some things were missed in the investigation of late Nichols Hills Fire Chief Keith Bryan's murder.

His wife, Becky Bryan, is on trial and heard OSBI agents testify on Tuesday about "hindsight" some 20 months after the shooting.

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Jurors took a lot of notes as prosecutors tried to step them through the crime scene and the discovery of the alleged murder weapon that ultimately placed Becky Bryan at the center of her husband's murder.

News 9's morning anchor, Stan Miller, got involved in the case early on when he spoke to defendant, Becky Bryan, at the hospital the day her husband died.

"I was brought into this case by the family they asked me to come and report on the case because they said there was a trust factor," Miller said.

Stan Miller would be the only journalist to go inside the Bryan home after the murder.

But following his testimony, the jurors were also given a glimpse inside the couple's house.

Crime scene photographs were presented to the jury during testimony from two OSBI agents. The first, Agent Martin Solorzano, testified to finding a handgun, a shell casing and a glove wrapped inside a blanket in a clothes dryer of the utility room.

Then, Case Agent Shawn Wright testified to finding a gun box and ammunition tucked between the mattress and box spring on Becky Bryan's side of the bed in the couple's room. He said "the serial number matched" the gun recovered.

But Defense Attorney Gary James worked to poke holes in the investigation, asking why agents did not fingerprint the dryer that contained the alleged murder weapon. He also pointed out that agents did not photograph some evidence recovered and they did not match a .22 caliber bullet, found in the kitchen, to a gun inside the Bryan home.

James says this could mean someone else was in the home.