My 2 Cents: 'Open Transfer' Students At OKC Schools

Tuesday, May 14th 2013, 11:09 pm
By: News 9

The Oklahoma City School District is rightfully proud of having, according to Newsweek, the two highest ranked public high schools in the state.. HOWEVER.. it is outrageous, in my opinion, that hundreds of students at those two schools don't even live in the Oklahoma City school district.

These two high schools, Classen and Harding, and a couple of charter middle schools are the shining stars in a district that got a "D" on the state report card, and yet at last count nearly 25 percent of the students at the top ranked Classen School of Advanced Studies transferred in from other districts.. Putnam City, Midwest City, Moore, Edmond..

I said transferred, I didn't say they moved into the district, because they didn't, it's called an "open transfer".

And by the way, a chunk of their tax money stays with the school district they left, Oklahoma City schools don't get it.

How can district leaders justify giving up spots at these schools especially?

If, as I've heard it stated, there aren't enough students applying from within the district, do a better job of recruiting and spreading the word about the incredible opportunities at these schools.

If they can't meet the standards.. you might have to lower the standards a shade.

Those are OKLAHOMA CITY schools, every spot should be used benefit the top students living IN Oklahoma City.