Reporter Notes From Becky Bryan Trial, Day 9

Thursday, May 16th 2013, 6:53 pm
By: News 9

News 9's Lisa Monahan was inside the courtroom Thursday as the murder trial for Becky Bryan entered its ninth day. These are her notes and not a word-for-word representation of what was said.

STATE'S 25th WITNESS  - Doug Perkins - facility manager of forensic center for OSBI

  • Perkins does analysis on blood spatter and trace evidence 

what other evidence ( aside from the blanket ) did you analyze in this case:

sealed paper sack - blanket from dryer

sealed paper sack - black undergarment top

sealed paper sack - shirt from becky bryan

sealed paper sack - panties from becky bryan

- What did you do with those items? I was to look for blood spatter or tissue

How do you examine? I examine them visually and a sterile microscope

When did you start examining? Sept. 23, 2011

  • displaying the fireman's blanket retrieved from the dryer

will you go in to more detail with jury on how you examined to determine if it had blood spatter?  look with a sterile microscope

what area was the focus? i looked at it with the eyes so therefore i moved to microscope and i saw defects with this blanket

show jury where the 5 defects are located? the upper right quadrant - a defect,

upper left quadrant- a defect, the lower part - a defect and then also a emblem called 911 - and fire hydrant ( on blanket ) there is a defect between those too, and then another here near the badge

completely passes through - there are abrasions and exposed fibers

are these the 5 areas you were paying attention to for blood spatter? yes

why? in my experience when i see defects of this type they are common with discharge of a firearm

during this examination did you find anything of high velocity & blood spatter? no sir anything else you observed? i observed what may be gun powder flakes 

what did you do next?

I directed it to our firearms testing -  to see if gun powder residue

I sealed it back up and sent to our firearms testing unit

You also mentioned you examined a package labeled as shirt from becky bryan, panties, and another black tops ? yes

did you find blood spatter on any of them ? no blood substances were observed

what did you do after completing examination? i sealed them back in envelope

you did not make a test for it to go any further like you did the blanket ? no i did not


how long have you been in the lab at OSBI? i retired after 30 years.

when did you retire? last july 

what are you doing now? I'm facility manager at the lab I worked at

when did you do this blood spatter analysis school? i attended ( in the 90s)

in training since then - assoc. of crime scene group in 93, 94, and 95, and fbi blood stain seminar - 2007

and crime scene processing- aug 2011 

did you attend scenes? approx. 300

proficiency testing - to see how good you do? yes they submit blindly - to test 

are crime scene agents under you ? no 

are you in the chain with general assignment agents? no sir

if you get called to the scene who makes that decision ? requested through the agents

I could have fibers on me now? yes,  every time some touches something there is a transfer of fibers

if someone is laying on the couch will they get fibers from the couch? yes they could and they could also get fibers from the clothes they are wearing 

there are 3 major categories of dealing with velocity blood

if you see low velocity blood spatter on a wall- you can rule out if its from a firearm? correct i can look at gravity ,etc 

the shooting of JFK - they had blood all over- yes 

they had blood going all directions? yes it was a very traumatic would 

show the jury the top ? this is basically a camisole top

did you gather that evidence? no 

the three articles of clothing were looking at (high) power

you knew a glove was found in this case? i heard about one

any reason it would not be brought to you ?

if its believed a shooter was wearing a glove is that something you would want to look at ? yes for gun shot residue

is there any reason to prevent you that would keep you from going to the scene? i was not requested 

STATE'S 26th WITNESs Shana Lee Wilson- OSBI latent print examiner

I examined a gun box with misc. paperwork, and ammunition box with bullets 

inside ammo box- live round ? yes

did you try to get prints off of every bullet ? yes

the tray the bullets were in ? yes

the box? yes

the ruger box? yes 

do you remember what was in the box? paperwork, test casing, etc

did you attempt to get fingerprints?yes

during your examination did you find prints? yes

the quality? some were not considered comparison quality

so you were not able to find any sufficient fingerprints to make a comparison? no


you talked about ammo- you printed on box? can you pull it out 

so only the independence? yes 

the outside and the bullets in it? yes 

do you know where that box was found ? no 

so the box labeled (blazer brass) you dont fingerprint that box? it was never sent to me for analysis

do you think its strange you were only given one box ( while showing pic of 2 boxes) ? i didn't work the case so i dont know what decisions were made to show what evidence

do you think its strange you were never given the box of blazer brass box when that is the bullet they believe killed keith bryan? 

please review contents of envelope- 

have you ever seen that weapon they say killed keith bryan? no 

i take it you didn't fingerprint ? correct 

can you get fingerprints of firearms? yes

you do it often? yes 

is that strange they wouldn't submit the murder weapon? its up to the case agents

so someone made a decision you would not receive it ? yes someone made that decision

STATE'S 27th WITNESS  - Muriel Correa - OSBI SR criminalist 

sr. criminalist for 8 years.

in the trace evidence unit

what work do you there? i perform gun shot residue 

how did you become involved ? a gun shot residue kit was submitted to the OSBI lab in edmond, as well as 2 gloves, i believe.

on becky bryan's left hand- no gun shot residue particles were found 

does that appear to e the glove you examined to see if there was a GSR on that ? yes

when you inspected the glove did you inspect the inside or just the outside - just outside

did you prevent contamination ? yes i wore gloves

on right hand ? only one microscopic particle was found 


the left hand nothing? no gsr particles detected

the right hand has 2 particles correct? 1 particle 

ok 1 particle- but only 2 components of what call GSR? 2 that are associated

but you cannot confirm its GSR? all i can say is it is associated

well can you say its confirmed that its GSR on her hand? i can say two components were found that are associated with GSR 

were you given a shirt and panties to test for GSR? no 

was that your decision to test for GSR? no 

who would make that decision? agent

i don't know whats relevant and whats not 

but you do GSR testing on clothing don't you? in some cases, yes

have you found GSR on clothing? yes and i always explain its persistent and it can be persistent so no time frame to show when 

but if you test it and don't find nothing that may be indicative that the clothes were not ? it could say that but i cant say for sure

because no one ever asked? i can not testify to clothing in this case

gun shot residue can be transferred? yes 

do you ever go to a scene to do GSR testing? i believe once at the morgue

so you're not called out in the field to check areas like a chair or a couch? no 

but it can be done like you do on clothing ? yes, 

i have received gsr kits from agents  from like a car

when talking with the state you said there should be and then stopped- what did you mean? when did i say that.

when you said should be in the envelope with the glove - you said should be? 

STATE'S 28 th WITNESS -William Christiansen – OSBI 6 years

Criminalist forensic biology

Serology and DNA –

Q: Have you ever compared dna from crime scene from known sample

A: yes. Worked 120-130 cases or so.

Items in this case that he looked at:

Oral buckle swabs

Blood card Keith bryan swab to obtain DNA

Glove found at crime scene.

Buckle swab:   inside of mouth.  Taken for known record sample. 

Packaged in envelope in paper swab envelope. 

Glove – also packaged in envelope

Q:  Did you examine outside? Then inside

A:  Yes.

Q:  did you find DNA –

A;  saw some staining, tested got nothing. Didn't do anything.

Swabbed inside

On oral/buckle swabs ran DNA got full genetic profile from Rebecca Bryan.

Blood card from Keith – ran got DNA and got full genetic profile

Glove – profile had a mixture.  There are two or more people present in the DNA.

Separate these profiles out.  One part was major and one was minor DNA profile

On major – able to see all parts of DNA

Minor – only able to obtain 4 of 16 DNA sites.

Q:  Full profile from glove—did it match Rebecca or keith

A:  major profile matched Rebecca Bryan


DNA can stay for time? yes

if we got a glove at your house would surprise you if it you did contact dna and found your dna out of it? no it would not

would it surprise you that if your significant other wears it but it may not be there? no it would not surprise me either way 

there is a minor mixture we know is not becky bryans correct? correct

so the minor has to be someone else besides the defendant ? yes she was excluded from them

you took dna from keith and only 4 of th 16 matches? correct

and you said its one in 62 could fit that same minor mixture ? yes

3.18 miliion in oklahoma 

so someone else could have been the minor mixture? yes

if you pick up a box that can be contact dna correct? yes 

there was a spent shell casing found at the scene could that be contact dna?yes

could that show who loaded the gun- was that submitted? to my knowledge that was not submitted

are you the one that told em not to do dna contact on the gun? no i'm not 

in those series of email the only mention of testing was on the glove? yes i believe on the glove

if someone told you they recovered a box of bullets, somoene went out backdoor. they recovered weapon you would have recommended a DNA test on those? its a case by case basis - if those items would be requsted.

but no one requested ? correct


did all four match those from keith bryan? yes 


you dont know if it is from this woman this woman or this man? 

you dont know that it may be consistent with anyone sitting in this room? correct 

(16 locales - only matched 4 )


discusses test of firearms & casings

if you have barrels of a gun - marks are on the gun (can be compared) 

will you be able to tell difference between projectile fired from one barrel to one barrel that was producer either immediately before or after

comparison under microscope

rounds of ammunition have 4 parts - 

are the serial numbers placed on a firearm unique to that firearm ? yes its re

so no two firearms going to have the same serial number ? not unless there was a mistake at the factory 

is that the firearm you reviewed? yes

how did you do examination to make a positive id of the projectile ?

look at each land and each groove to establish any kind of agreement and if you have alignment correct you will start seeing agreement

with a ruger lcp you dont get a lot of burnt powder

the holes in the blanket appear to be similar (to bullets-gun)? yes 


how do you determine what order to test.

Well its biology , prints, firearm.

either eliminate or associate 

there has been no testing of (independence) bullets ? not by me

so as we are here today you can not tell us what kind of powder is in those bullets ?correct

so you know the gun had 4 in chamber and 1 in fired ?

the gun was unloaded when i got it - but thats the information given to me 

These holes being much larger  - muzzle blast being in close proximity 


you tested this case to 

you were able to rule out the ruger 

the test round at kent house could not be fired by the gun found


you agree the pic of the gun in that room is not on carpet but on tile floor? yes