News 9 Anchor Bobbie Miller's Mom Shares Tornado Survival Story

Friday, May 24th 2013, 9:49 am
By: News 9

We have new video of Monday's deadly EF-5 tornado forming near Newcastle. An employee of the Tri-City Quick Lube was recording the funnel on his cell phone when it touched down and tore through the first neighborhoods in its path.

Bobbie Miller's mom, Loretta, was driving home from Bobbie's house when the tornado started to form. She had no idea she was in any danger until workers refused to serve her at a fast food drive-in. That's when she realized she had only seconds to get to safety, and ended up in that very same "Quick Lube."

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Loretta rode out Monday's deadly tornado with complete strangers in the oil pit of the "Tri City" Quick Lube.

Bobbie says her mom might be some sort of "Tornado Magnet." This is the fourth tornado she has experienced.

The first one was in 1973, when a twister touched down in her Blanchard neighborhood and killed two of her neighbors.

Loretta hid in the bathtub with her kids. That tub was the only thing left of the house.