Out-Of-State Tow Trucks Hit Roadblock Towing Tornado-Damaged Vehicles

Monday, May 27th 2013, 8:31 pm
By: Karl Torp

We've heard estimates that some 5,000 damaged vehicles are still sitting in tornado torn neighborhoods. Companies trying to get them towed away have hit a major road block.

Out of state tow truck companies say they could get rid of all these cars in debris field in a timely fashion. But they say they are being unfairly targeted and shutout of the state of Oklahoma.

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David Cranston from Ohio hustles, partly because he doesn't want to get caught. State law doesn't allow out of state tow truck drivers to operate, but this executive order signed by the Governor and filed May 21 is complicating the issue.

It lifts operating requirements to clear the way for relief help. Out of state tow operators say it includes them.

Kim Schmoyer from Texas says regardless of the governor orders, she's been pulled over.

Schmoyer and others are now protesting what's going on, including signs showing the disasters they've worked after without problems.

Moore police says the drivers have to get the issue sorted out with the governor office. News 9 has requested a clarification on the Executive order from the Governor office but hasn't heard back.

Tow truck drivers say they will stick around town until this matter gets sorted out- or just keep towing cars and hope they don't get pulled over.