Two Arrested In Bizarre Police Chase Through OKC Neighborhood

Friday, June 7th 2013, 5:08 pm
By: News 9

A bizarre chase broke out in a northwest Oklahoma City neighborhood, Thursday night.

It was long, and slow, and ended with two people behind bars. The chase went on for about an hour in a neighborhood around NW 85th St. and Harvey.

The chase brought a lot people out of their homes to watch, until it finally came to an end in the suspect's mother's front yard.

"Exciting and scary and nervous…I had all those emotions going last night," Gwendolyn Coley said.

Coley watched it all unfold in front of her home as police chased the Crown Victoria for an hour.

"The police had the corner there blocked off. So he came across their yard and went back around again," Coley says. "I guess he couldn't make it no more because his tires [were blown] out."

It happened around 10 p.m. Thursday when police tried to pull them over for running a stop sign. That's when the driver, Charles Hunter, and his passenger, Latoya Hennesy, took off through the neighborhood.

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"That's what was scary for me because I didn't know if guns were going to be pulled. There were kids, people everywhere," Coley said.

Officers deployed stop sticks, flattening the car's tires, but they kept going.

"It was not a high-speed chase. It was a slow-speed chase," Coley said.

Hunter was even on his cell phone part of the time as the car crept along at 20 miles per hour. The chase ended at Hunter's mother's home at 86th and Hudson, and police took Hunter and Hennesy into custody.

"I go to work, come home, you know I'm 53 years old. My knees [were] tired, but last night was just exciting," Coley said.

Police found cash and drug paraphernalia in the car. Hunter faces charges for trying to elude police, Hennesy is facing drug charges, and now both sit in the Oklahoma County Jail.

Police say they've had dealings with the two suspects before and say they have ties to gangs.