Oklahoma's Own Olivia Munn Lends A Hand At Regional Food Bank

Saturday, June 8th 2013, 8:05 pm
By: News 9

An effort is underway to get food on the table for hundreds of families who lost everything in the Moore tornado. Volunteers with the Regional Food Bank are working hard to keep up with the extra demand, and on Saturday they got a little help from Oklahoma's own Olivia Munn.

The regional food bank has been working really hard since the tornado hit Moore. Food is flying off the shelves and today they got a little help from Hollywood. The line outside the regional food bank's distribution center in Moore stretched the length of the building.

Many of them have never needed help putting food on the table, but after losing everything in the tornado, it's their only option.

"So many people have just been displaced and they have nothing. But at the same time it's so wonderful that everybody has a smile on their face knowing that there is this wonderful organization and that everybody is trying to help them."

Olivia Munn took a break from her acting career in LA to come home and help out her fellow Oklahomans.

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"One of the employees who lost everything, her house was completely flooded in the last tornado and storms. She was there giving back and she's putting all of her energy to help out other people and I think that's just the Oklahoma way," said Munn.

Munn says hearing about the strength and courage from people young and old inspired her to give back.

"When something like this happens to anybody [it's bad], but when it happens to little children that are helpless and there's nothing they can do, it just, your heart breaks even more," Munn said.

Since the tornado wiped out entire neighborhoods in Moore, the need for help has been growing every day. Just yesterday they fed over 200 families.