Shawnee To Amend Vicious Dog Laws After Attack

Friday, June 14th 2013, 7:15 pm
By: News 9

A brutal dog attack leads to a big change as one woman fights to crackdown on vicious dogs, this following the mauling of her dogs right in her backyard.

Vicious dog laws in Shawnee will change, effective immediately. This comes after one woman described for city leaders what she called "a blood bath" in her own backyard.

"They crawled in under the fence."

Darinda McElfresh knew she had to do more than mend the fence to protect her pets.

"Two of the [Pit Bulls] jumped on one of my German Shepherds." 

Darinda felt she had to fix the hole in the vicious dog laws to prevent the neighbor dogs from harming her dogs.

"This ain't the first time they have been in my backyard." 

At the time of the attack, the city of Shawnee only considered a dog to be "vicious" if it had lashed out once before. So, Darinda began fighting for stricter laws to protect her family and the community.

"I mean you want to feel safe in your own backyard."

Darinda convinced city leaders to change the laws. Now, on first attack, the evidence will be presented to the courts and a judge will decide if the dog is vicious and needs to be put down.

Darinda's neighbor dogs will not be reviewed for the latest incident.