Man Who Claims Mercy Killing Terminally Ill Wife Appears In Court

Friday, June 14th 2013, 7:26 pm
By: News 9

We're learning more details about a Crescent man charged with first-degree murder for killing his wife and telling police she begged him to do it.

Monica Schemm, 49, was found dead in her home on Wednesday with a plastic bag over head. This bizarre case is leaving Crescent residents and the Logan County District Attorney stunned.

"Never seen this before, it's very unusual," said Tom Lee, Logan County District Attorney. "We're just hearing his story. She can't talk."

Mark Schemm, 52, appeared before a judge Friday afternoon in Logan County. Court documents state Monica asked Mark to kill her on Wednesday morning. He agreed and waited for her to take a nap.

Schemm's arrest warrant affidavit states: "Monica was sleeping but she woke up and she stated ‘Is it time?' and he said ‘Yes.' She then stated ‘I'm ready.' And he then used zip ties on her feet and placed a bag over her head."

Schemm told police he then zip tied himself to the chair and was going to kill himself but, "chickened out and bit a hole in the plastic bag over his head to breathe." He said his "wife struggled very little and it took about five minutes, and she was gone."

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Schemm originally told police two men tried to rob him and his wife at their Crescent home on Ruth Lane, but Schemm later confessed to making up the home invasion story and killing his wife as she wished because she was terminally ill.

"Just the facts of the case, he admitted or the affidavit sets out the was the reason he did it," Lee said. "But, you can't do that."

Friends of the Schemm family say Mark was a devoted husband and are in shock.

"He took care of that wife of his for years. It just blew my mind," said longtime Crescent resident Phillip Yenzer, the owner of Yenzer's Antique Attic. "We're really depressed on that. He was, as far as I'm concerned, he was a great guy, doesn't make any difference what happens."

"This community is very closely knitted too, and it's going to take years to get over."

Monica Schemm suffered a brain tumor, went through chemotherapy and had a fall that caused severe brain injury that left her handicapped, needing 24-hour care. Mark said Monica tried to commit suicide several times. The Schemms had two children.

Mark could face life in jail without the possibility of parole, or the death penalty if he is convicted of first-degree murder. Schemm is being held in the Logan County Jail without bond. He's expected to be back in court late July.