Sketchy Norman Pool Contractor Accused Of Check Fraud

Friday, June 14th 2013, 9:58 pm
By: News 9

A pool contractor accused of leaving his customers high and dry is now accused of cashing thousands of dollars' worth of bogus checks.

Investigators are taking a closer look as people and businesses continue to come forward saying they were ripped off.

News 9 told you about Aaron Garcia earlier this week. He left a Norman family with an unfinished in-ground pool, and in the process took about $30,000. That wasn't the first time he's skipped out on a job. After that story aired, we learned Aaron Garcia is also repeatedly writing bogus checks.

"It's a huge amount of money. I mean, it's almost 30 grand," said Brett Garcia.

Brett Garcia of Garcia's Bogus Check Recovery has been trying to track down Aaron Garcia for the past two years. He says Aaron Garcia is trying to gain as many victims as possible to get the money he needs.

"I went out to his home to visit with him, he tells me, ‘Yes I'm going to take care of these checks. I don't want to go to jail. Do not get the district attorney involved, or the Oklahoma City Police Department,'" Brett Garcia said.

Although the district attorney has yet to file any formal charges against Aaron Garcia, at least five police reports have been filed with Oklahoma City Police.

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"He'll write a check out to himself, and he'll go into the stores, and he will produce his driver's license or ID card to obtain the money." 

Brett Garcia says Aaron Garcia is targeting Hispanic check cashing merchants, using their trust to get the cash. Four of at least six checks were cashed just days apart, May 4, 7, 9 and 14 of 2012. The four checks alone totaled nearly $30,000.

This is the same man who claims to be a pool contractor with "Oasis Pool, Plaster, and Tile" in Oklahoma City.

"We are not affiliated with Oasis Pool, Plaster, and Tile whatsoever," said Tom Burgin, owner of Oasis Pool and Spa in Edmond.

Four of Aaron Garcia's clients, including a hotel chain have contacted Burgin, all under the impression he worked at the Edmond business.   

"I have spoken to Mr. [Aaron] Garcia, as of about three weeks ago, and told him to change his name, or make it clear that they're not affiliated with us," said Burgin.

A detective with the white collar crime division has been investigating Aaron Garcia, and his business. In the meantime Brett Garcia says he's planning to file a civil lawsuit on behalf of his clients.