Tornado Victim Opens Up About Dealing With Looters

Wednesday, June 19th 2013, 6:08 pm
By: News 9

Tornado victims in the area around Hudson and SW 145th St. have been dealing with the aftermath for almost a month. As the cleanup efforts continue, some have been hit by looters.

Alton Buggs lives in the area with his family. His house is in the damaged area. It suffered serious damage, but still stands, which has been a blessing to him. While the Buggs family escaped total destruction by the tornado, they weren't as lucky when looters hit the area.

"I had my weed eaters right there where I had pushed my lawnmowers together, to work on them, later. They're gone," explained Buggs.

It's not the value of the equipment that upset Buggs, but rather the idea that someone would steal from people who have already lost so much.

"It takes the scum of the earth to do that. Somebody that doesn't have any morals, scruples or values. They just do what they feel they could do best for them," Buggs said.

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From what Buggs has seen in his own neighborhood, nothing is off limits for these people.

"There's some big piles of trash up front and I saw people there going through the debris you know in a truck and taking a couple of items," he said.

Buggs and his neighbors have been pleased by the increased police presence in the neighborhood, but they say the police can only do so much in protecting such a large damaged area.