My 2 Cents: FBI Admits Using Drones In The U.S.

Wednesday, June 19th 2013, 10:37 pm
By: News 9

FBI Director Robert Mueller opened up a can of worms today when he admitted the FBI has used drone aircraft in the United States for surveillance in certain difficult cases, he said they were used in a "very, very minimal way and very seldom."

For instance, an unmanned aircraft was used to monitor the underground bunker in Alabama where a little boy was being held hostage. I can understand that, but here's what's troubling, the FBI is just now drawing up some guidelines on when they will and won't use drones, even though they've already started using them.

And don't get fixated on the image of those large predator drones we've seen taking out terrorists in the Middle East. Affordable drones can be smaller than a shoe box, have a video camera mounted on them and quietly hover in place.

These things can be incredibly useful to monitor crops, livestock, fire scenes, do search and rescue, criminal surveillance, to shoot television news, the possibilities are almost endless, but the threat to our privacy is considerable.

Listen to this, the FAA predicts there will be 10,000 civilian drones in use in five years. That's a lot of eyes in the sky looking down on us. The FAA has two years to come up with comprehensive regulations for drones. It's a debate we should all be watching closely.