OEA Calls For Standardized Testing Results To Be Invalidated

Tuesday, June 25th 2013, 9:44 pm
By: News 9

There's a call for standardized testing results to be thrown out for students across the state.

A glitch in the tests created chaos at the end of the school year, now the Oklahoma Education Association wants the results invalidated.

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It was back in April when the apparent online glitch disrupted the high-stakes tests. Now, one of the biggest concerns is the validity of the test results. Those results are used to factor everything from teacher pay, to school funding.

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In a 14 page report, OEA points to McGraw-Hill, accusing the testing company of being grossly deficient in its ability to, "meet the needs of Oklahoma schools and students." The report includes statements detailing the extent of the damage caused by the company.

"Our students did their part. They studied, they reviewed, they were there the day of the test. McGraw-Hill didn't do their part, so the students should be the ones punished," said OEA Pres., Linda Hampton.

According to McGraw-Hill, a number of "overwhelmed" servers in New Jersey caused students in Oklahoma and Indiana to be consistently booted from their online tests. The Superintendent of Indiana's public schools has already announced she will seek more than 614-thousand dollars in damages from McGraw-Hill.

Hampton says Oklahoma is not at that point yet, but she's asking the state education department to join the association in the push to invalidate the tests.

"You've got third graders that aren't going to be able to pass to the fourth grade if they don't pass the test," said Hampton, "You've got eighth graders that aren't going to be able to get their driver's license if they don't pass the test. You've got seniors that can't graduate if they don't pass the test."

Most parents we talked to, were on board with the idea to have the tests invalidated.

"To be fair to all of them, I think you would have to say, let's not even count them at all," said parent Cheryl Deeds.

"If it's in every single math, reading, everything they're measured against, then yes," said parent Qiana Camya.

State Education Superintendent Janet Barresi was not in town for comment, but we're told she plans to review OEA's report.

OEA leaders will ask the state board to consider invalidating the tests at a board meeting on Thursday.