Justin Adams' Mom Accuses Prosecutors Of 'Playing Politics'

Wednesday, June 26th 2013, 10:19 pm
By: News 9

Justin Adams, who was previously charged with the murder of his pregnant wife, is now facing a trial for manslaughter in the murder of Jaymie Adams.

On Wednesday, Justin's mother spoke out as her son's defense team said the evidence wasn't there for murder, and it's not there for manslaughter.

According Justin's mom, Tina Clarke, the accusation that her son had any idea that his wife would be killed is just a way for prosecutors to save face over what family members call a botched investigation.

"He wasn't there," Clarke said. "He wasn't at home. He couldn't have stopped her if he wanted to."

Police say, in December of 2011, Jaymie met Joseph Cyr for money and sex. Cyr is now accused of her murder. But, at that time, investigators were pointing toward Jaymie's husband, Justin Adams.

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"From the beginning I said something [wasn't] right here, and I couldn't get nobody to listen," Clarke said.

Prosecutors suggest Justin played a role in Jaymie's death by posting sexually explicit ads for his wife on Craigslist. They also say Justin knew he was putting his wife in danger.

"Jaymie and Justin both did not think that there was any danger there," Clarke said. "[Prosecutors are] too proud to say we made a mistake and let it go. I think it's a [political] thing."

Currently, prosecutors are not commenting on the case, therefore they are not responding to any charges made from the Adams family.

Clarke says she has faith in the justice system and believes her son will be acquitted of manslaughter. But even so, she says the damage has already been done.

"Justin's life is ruined for the next 10 to 15 years," Clarke said. "People don't forget. They see the news. They take an opinion right off."

The defense says it plans to ask another judge to dismiss the case against Justin Adams.

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