OK County Sheriff's Office Criticized For Having Baton Twirler On Top Of Moving Vehicle

Monday, July 8th 2013, 7:47 pm
By: Karl Torp

It's a tragedy that shocked our entire area. A little boy was killed during a Fourth of July parade.

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LiberyFest organizers in Edmond say they'll take a closer look at their safety policies after the freak accident. Some parents say they should start with law enforcement.

Some people are angry there was a person standing on what appeared to be a moving Sheriff's Office vehicle, because they know firsthand how dangerous that can be.

A picture shows a baton twirler standing on top of an Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office vehicle during the LibertyFest parade.

In March, Mae Davis's son Laquan was almost killed after being thrown from a vehicle. He was riding on the outside a SUV going 40 miles per hour, tons faster than parade pace here.

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We took that same picture to the Sheriff's Office.

"What I'm told is that she was only on the first few minutes of the parade," said Mark Myers with the Sheriff's office. "No point was she in danger you are talking about a vehicle going three to five miles per hour.

But Davis, whose son is still in the hospital, says law enforcement needs to set a better example.

What makes it even more irritating for Davis is that a few days after the accident, Laquan was given a ticket for riding on the outside a vehicle at the time he was still incapacitated.