Your 2 Cents: How Well Is OKC TV News Doing Our Job?

Tuesday, July 9th 2013, 11:22 pm
By: News 9

When we started My 2 Cents 12 years ago, we invited you to sound off on how we're doing our job. Today I asked on Facebook what OKC TV News is doing well, and not so well.

Russie first: "I'm tired of hearing 'you heard it here first!' BIG DEAL!!"

Several, like Kristi said too much METRO news and weather: "It sometimes feels like Okc channels think the state line is at Weatherford."

Bruce writes: "..totally missing the boat on covering high school sports!"

Debbie says: "I love the feeling that my friends are telling me what's going on.."

From Stephenie now in Dallas: "..can't get over how much more professional, compassionate, and matter-of-fact the reporting is in OKC!"

Susan: "Report more happy news... I get so tired of all the murder, child abuse."

Kevynn writes: "Hands down the best meteorologists in the country."

And Buck adds you don't... "..realize how good the weather coverage is in OKC until you sit through a tornado somewhere else."

Paul thinks: "..state/local political coverage could be stronger."

From Troy: "If you are going to break in please have some new information.."

Steve says: "Over dramatize everything, just read the news!!"

Watts would like joint TV/newspaper investigative work then added: "Kelly Ogle should be commended for his online work covering the Boston bombing."

Finally, Shawn writes: "You guys hire mostly gorgeous women. Keep it up!"