Medics: Victory EMS Owes Employees Thousands

Wednesday, July 17th 2013, 9:48 pm
By: News 9

Former employees with Victory EMS say they are being ripped of thousands of dollars from the company headquartered in Oklahoma City. The organization services the community of Fairfax, Okla.

Victory EMS is not licensed by the state of Oklahoma, according to the Oklahoma Department of Health.

"Victory took me right out of the gate," EMT Joseph Burton said.

Victory was Burton's first job out of school. He was excited to be working as an EMT, but that joy quickly faded.

"It just started out as the bottom because the first … two-week paycheck … didn't come," Burton said.

Many of Burton's colleagues are saying the same thing happened to them.

"Every employee that I know of [who] currently has went through work there has had money issues," paramedic Jason Dunkeson said.

EMT Ashten Berry says she was offered money for gas to get to work when Victory EMS could not afford issue her a paycheck.

Victory EMS has what is referred to as a shared virtual office at a high-rise building in Oklahoma City. It is a location that is not staffed, according to work associates at the building. The former employees say the manager, who they call a front man, is paramedic Joe Weaver.

Victory EMS has a history of financial issues including bankruptcy and a bailout from the taxpayers of Fairfax. Former employees say Victory has operated under five different names over the years.

"[Weaver is] very good at manipulating and very good at finding any loophole he can," Dunkeson said.

The former employees who contacted News 9 all have the checks from Victory EMS that they could not cash. Bank records show both the employees and Victory EMS were fined for the bounced checks. Dunkeson says he is owed about $1,800. Burton says he's out roughly $5,000. Berry says she has been taken for nearly $6,800.

Weaver says his accusers have all been paid, but he wouldn't go on camera saying that. He talked to News 9 over the phone Wednesday.

"They have been paid cash, and there are receipts in our possession," Weaver said.

Victory's former employees say they are now considering a lawsuit. They also say the Oklahoma Department of Labor has been notified. They are waiting on a response from the state before hiring a lawyer.